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Frequently Asked Questions

No – service at Teaism is fast-casual style and first come, first serve. Groups larger than ten or who want to host regular meet-up groups should contact us here.
Catering & Groups

We sell only loose leaf tea. We stock a range of brewing options – strainers, brew-in-mug sets, and disposable tea bags to scoop loose leaf tea into.

Since Covid-19, we have taken steps to simplify and streamline our menus. We are not currently offering Afternoon Tea. We do have an array of savory and sweet options to pair with a pot of any of our teas – please consult our menu for the most up-to-date information.

We could never post all of our tea options on our display boards. Please consult our cashiers, we will give you a full tea menu to review.

6/24/2020: While in the past we have not shipped these cookies, we are now shipping them for the time being. Please note that we will ship according to our bakery schedule in order to preserve freshness and due to Covid-19 the bakery schedule will be subject to change.

No. We bake them fresh here in D.C.! We get asked this because Terri Horn, originator of the legendary Salty Oat Cookie and owner of Kayak Cookies, bases her operations out of Hyannis, MA. We worked with Terri when she first launched Kayak Cookies in Washington, D.C. decades ago. We continue to produce the cookies for her, and Terri comes down regularly to work with our bakers to maintain consistent quality. For more about the history of the Salty Oat cookie, see

Because part of our mission is to make high quality, loose leaf teas accessible to the people. When you walk into a business and smell coffee, you want to buy coffee. We are working to source beautiful teas for you, some of them with subtle flavors and aromas.

We don’t want to undermine our own efforts to expose people to great tea, nor the work that tea producers put into the leaf before it reaches your cup.

YES! (For many years, our answer was no.) We do ask that you work in our space respectfully and order something from us, and please no outside food or beverages. If you see we are busy and guests are struggling to find seating, please be mindful.

Accessible restrooms are available on the first floor of our locations at Penn Quarter, Dupont Circle, and Lafayette Park. For those who have difficulty getting their trays to their tables, please communicate with our team. We are happy to help.

At Teaism Penn Quarter, the lower level is accessible via elevator. Please let us know you need to access the lower level and we will happily assist.

As of June 2019: We sell gift cards at all our locations. Re-chargeable swipe cards can be redeemed in person at all our locations except Teaism. They cannot be redeemed online. You can also order a gift certificate for $25, $50, and $100 from us online, and we will mail it to you or the address of your choosing.

  • Teaism Dupont Circle: Dupont Circle, North exit. (Red Line)
  • Teaism Lafayette Park: Farragut North, K street exit (Red Line); Farragut West (Orange, Blue & Silver Lines)
  • Teaism Lafayette Park: Farragut North, K street exit (Red Line); Farragut West (Orange, Blue & Silver Lines)
  • Teaism: NoMa-Gallaudet U (Red Line) – 12 minute walk from metro station.

Transparency about our ingredients is important to us. We keep a binder with our cashiers that lists all ingredients for our foods. We can help you to pick out an option that might work for you. Please do not assume that our paper menu lists every single ingredient.

We do our best to keep this document up to date, but please understand – we are humans! If there is some time before your planned visit to Teaism, you can also write to info@teaism.com and we will do our best to respond in a timely fashion.

While we try to offer lots of vegan-friendly options, we do not offer vegan chai. Part of this related to the fact that we don’t serve coffee – no espresso machines means no steamed milk. The way we make our chai is in the traditional masala chai fashion – boiling whole leaf black tea and spices in water, adding milk, and bringing to a boil again, then straining out. That’s different from a chai latte and a more involved (and tasty) process.

In addition, what type of dairy alternative we would use is a whole can of worms we choose not to touch.

These can vary by location and are subject to change. Please check our social media accounts for posts related to any upcoming holidays.

As of our writing on 11/4/23, our POS System allows you to gain points for your purchase in the following way:

You will be prompted for your name and phone number, and your phone number becomes your “account number.” The system rewards one point for every dollar spent.

50 points = free tea
75 points = free small soup
150 points = free breakfast item up to $14
225 points = free entry item up to $17
350 points = free meal for 2 up to $35
500 points = $50 off a one-time purchase, at Teaism restaurants OR Teaism Tea Shop (gifts, handmade teaware, loose leaf tea, etc.)


Points cannot be redeemed in combination with other discounts.
Points must be earned for in-person sales, not online mail orders.
Points can be earned at all Teaism locations, just enter your number on the tablet with us when you place your order.
Our POS system does not currently have a way for you to check your points remotely. Please inquire with us in person.