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Talk of the Nation

Talk of the Nation

February 18, 1998

Host: Ray Suarez

Hour Two: TEA (requires RealAudio player)


Donald Wallis, Headmaster, American Teamasters Association

Linda Orr and Michelle Brown, Co-owners, Teaism (a tea house in Washington, DC)

Tea may be gaining popularity again but today's sippers are changing the rules. The ritual of steeping and sharing a spot of tea is no longer just for well-dressed ladies who meet in the afternoon to gossip over crustless sandwiches and clotted cream. Both men and women are taking tea breaks today at home, at work and in the many tea houses that are sprouting up beside coffee shops around the country. Join Ray Suarez and guests for a look at the history, rituals and varieties of tea .... on the next Talk of the Nation, from NPR News.

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