Nichibei Potters

The works of Nichibei potters blends the elegant tradition of Japanese folk art with a contemporary flair resulting in an innovative collection of handmade pottery that is unmistakably Nichibei.

Each piece represents the balance of form and function, sense and skill.

Mikio Matsumoto worked as a commodities broker in Japan, but always had a keen interest in the arts. He became a potter after moving to California in 1985, and found clay to be a good medium for expressing his personal ideas. Mikioís sense of precision is visible in the meticulously carved jars, porcelain sculptures and carved animals.

Cheryl Costantini has had a life-long interest in pottery, culture and traditional artistic values. In 1978 she traveled to Japan to study pottery. For the next 6 years she learned her craft by working in three Japanese potteries. Cheryl’s commitment to traditon rather than trend is seen in her elegant vases and classic teapots.

Cheryl and Mikio formed Nichibei in 1985. Since then, the husband and wife team have shown their work at exhibitions in California, New York and Japan. Literally translated, Nichibei means “Japan and America.”